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Big Boss Brewing

Angry Angel Kolsch

12 oz single from The Beer Dispensary, Apex, NC, USA. Kolsch? Nope. Pour gives a cloudy, mid orange body with a large, frothy, fluffy off-white head that leaves some sticky lace. The nose instantly gives a fairly significant blast of hops, and the tastes replicate some of the hop bitterness too. Also present is a large malt backbone which holds the whole thing together. Aftertaste is quite dry. In a blind taste taste I would put this down as being an old, American IPA. It fails the 'look' test...

Hell’s Belle

12oz single from Sam's Blue Light, Durham, NC, USA. Badly misaligned notches on the label do not help, but it looks like this was bottled in Jan '07. ABV given as 7%. Lemon colored body with a lively (in fact somewhat fizzy head) that fades quickly. Some spotty surface lace and a little on the glass. It looks like it might be a triple. Nose has some mild funk that goes beyond the usual Belgian yeast. I dunno, this drinks like a Biere de Garde more than a Belgian Pale. A lot of extra funk and...