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Notes on beers brewed by

BFM Brasserie Des Franches-Montagnes

La Madragore

Draft, Brick Store, Atlanta, GA, USA. Pours with the look of an RIS. Much thinner though. Lactic, sour notes hit the nose and the combination of that and the thin mothfeel make this one a non-starter for me. Nasty, lacklustre effort that has a sour milk note. This would be bad enough if it were some kind of stout but to put this in a Belgian Strong Dark category is a travesty. Acidic and tasteless. Another really disappointing beer from this stable. Avoid.

Jurassian Imperial Stout (Cuvée Alex Le Rouge)

Oh dear. Relatively new addition to the Atlanta market, luckily for me I didn't buy one, rather Dave popped a research bottle at The Brick Store this past Friday afternoon. Small bottle (11.2oz perhaps), Grolsch flip top presentation with an ABV given to THREE decimal places - that's the Swiss for you! Label is red and white with gives the impression of some Communist, Eastern Bloc origin! Pour is black with little or no head - fair enough, considering the ABV that matches. Very slight, thin...

Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien

2005 Vintage. ABV is higher than listed on the BA database (at least according to the 750 mL bottle). The Brick Store, Decatur, GA, USA. Dave cracked this one as part of an "informal" tasting on a Friday afternoon. Just as well, because at $40 a bottle I wasn't crazy about springing for this! Attractive bottle and packaging. Pour is dark burgandy/browinsh with a lack of clarity, some smallish head and zero lacing. A thin film of spotty lace is left on the surface of the beer. Some large...