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Notes on beers brewed by

Barrel House Brewing Company

BarrelHouse Boss Cox Double Dark IPA

22 oz bomber. Not quite sure what a "Double Dark" IPA is, but there you go - more nonsense marketing guf. Pour is indeed very dark, even red for an IPA. Good clarity but it seems a touch over-carbonated leading to a little prickly nature in the body. Head is ivory and small, but there is a small amount of sticky lace that adheres to the glass. NOT typical of the style in my book. To me this drinks MUCH more like a red ale, with that distinct dry character and malt bitterness that one might...

Hocking Hills Hefeweizen

22oz bottle from Cheers, Carrollton, GA, USA. I think this is an aged bottle, but with no dates on the bottle I feel FULLY justified in reviewing this. Lemon/Butterscotch body with a small head a little lace. Looks OK and reminds me a little of the Widmer Bros. version. Looks OK, but that's where the good stuff ends. Acidity is high, and the watery nature of the brew and lack of depth, body and character says it all. Very poor example of the style IMO, that lacks any kind of clove or banana...

Duveneck Dortmunder

$3.99 for the 22oz bomber at Cheers in Carrollton, GA, USA. Second beer from this brewer, both have been equally unimpressive. Pour has plenty of head and lace initially, but this fades quickly. Murky, turbid, hazy unfiltered look. Yellowish tinge; has the appearance of a wheat. Not good at all. Mild acidity is the overwhelming experience. Thin in the mouth too; harsh and prickly, no smoothness. Very low drinkability. 0 for 2 from Barrel House as far as I am concerned.

RedLegg Ale

$3.99 for the 22oz bomber from Cheers in Carrollton, GA, USA. First time I've seen this in GA, fairly new to the state. Cheers also had the Dortmunder, the 'Dark' Double IPA (whatever that is) and the Hefe all at $3.99. I toyed with the idea of buying all four, but decided that it would be wise to try one first to see if it was up to scratch. Glad I resisted! Dark orange, cloudy pour, perhaps due to some chill haze but it looks a bit iffy. Carbonation can be described as 'fizzy'. Some head but...