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Atwater Block Brewery

Atwater Cherry Stout

12 oz single. Really not sure what's going on with this. A dark brown body with a decent enough head, but it fades pretty quickly to leave very little lace. Poor retention. Nose gives a little malty chocolate. The tastes are odd. The cherry obviously manifests itself, but to be honest it is simply a sour, "beer gone off" type taste. It's odd. I can't really work out if the beer is rancid, or if the cherry notes are indeed supposed to taste that way! Difficult to distinguish between the...

Atwater Voodoovator

12 oz bottle from a recent Bruisin' Ales transaction - thanks guys! One of my favorite styles from a brewer that I know very little about (are these the guys with the exploding bottles??) Poured into the Ommegang chalice we get a nice, rich, dark brown body and some very nice creamy head and lace. The body has a certain density about it which is, of course, requisite for the style. It has a presence which is good. Nose delivers unmistakable sweet malts and a hint of alcohol. Tastes are pretty...