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Notes on beers brewed by

Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Poleeko Gold Pale Ale

12 oz can - $2.10 from Ned's in Lynchburg, VA, USA. Attractive simplicity to the can design with a slightly retro feel. I like it. Nice pour, with a golden body and a fluffy, light, non-dense head. An interesting beer to me since the upfront tastes seems to suggest some English influence (with some biscuit-like malts and some sweetness), but finishes with a decent amount of aggressive bitterness. Somewhat contradictory. Some decent oily bitterness in the finish that manifest itself in an...

Boont ESB

Thick, golden looking beer with viscous appearance and a chill haze. Nice, small rocky head with some sticky lacing. Soapy aroma. Tastes are nicely balanced with some really quite aggressive hops, but balanced with some substantial malt sweetness. Way too hoppy to be an ESB in my opinion, but ignoring the style it is a very nice beer. Full bodied and satisfying, easy to drink and it really feels like you are drinking a substantial beer. High drinkability.