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A1A Aleworks

Porpoise Point Pale Ale

Decent looking pour with a golden body sitting underneath a small, white cap of foam. Despite the small head, the carbonation seems quite aggressive and vigorous and a little prickly. Not much aroma, even after it warms. This beer clearly doesn't have a lot of volatiles present. Semi-sweet grains with perhaps a touch of zesty fruit, but in no way is this beer either bitter or particularly tasty. Lacks much depth, but at least it is non-offensive. I found it refreshing and drinkable, but the...

Winter’s Nip Bock

Drank at the brewpub on 12/28/2010. Comes with a nicely capped white head, some lace all sitting above a decently colored, garnet/brown, clear body. The beer drinks true to style with some clean edges and a nice, malty base. Typical Gordon Biersch simplicity with their German based lagers. The mouthfeel was pretty light and made for some simple, easy drinking, Tasty beer.