Bush de Noël

Notes added 01/29/22

33 cl bottle, pictured.

The color is a chestnut brown with plenty of red included. The head is small and short-lived, but at 12% expected.

This beer drinks infinitely fruitier to my palate in 2022 than it ever did in the past. It’s wave after wave of sweet cherries, sugary pear drops, and pineapple cubes (the sweets not the fruit itself). Original scores maintained.

Whilst the alcohol is there, it absolutely does not impart any kind of ethanol taste. It’s quite amazing actually, and the hard, dry braking in the very back end is the only real evidence of it.

Compared to the notes below, there are absolutely no unfiltered pieces here. It’s as clear as a bell.

Still a ton of brown sugar, but the sweetness is controlled and in keeping with the remainder of the beer.

Staggeringly drinkable considering everything, and to be quite frank, an absolute triumph.

750 mL bottle.

Lots of alcohol and quite thin. That’s just about the total of my analysis of this.

Light brown sugar colored body with a ridiculous snowstorm of yeasties. I’ve no problem with the unfiltered nature of the beer, but the appearance is not good, and the failure of the particles to settle puts me off (perhaps some coagulated proteins?)

Anyway, alcohol is very strong along with sugar and there is not a lot of flavor and subtlety outside of that. Still OK, but strong and not subtle – a bit of a let down.


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ABV: 12.0 %
Appearance: 2
Taste: 3.5
Mouthfeel: 3.5
Smell: 4
Overall: 4
Total: 3.63
Series Name:


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