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Session #79 – The announcement. Friday, Sept. 6th – USA versus Old World Beer Culture

Aug 15, 2013

The Session, a.k.a. ‘Beer Blogging Friday’, is an opportunity once a month for beer bloggers from around the world to get together and write from their own unique perspective on a single topic. Each month, a different beer blogger hosts the Session, chooses a topic and creates a round-up listing all of the participants, along with a short pithy critique of each entry. Friday September 6th will see my turn to ‘host’ The Session, #79 in the series.

Anyone with any inkling of my online, in-person and blogging presence in the American beer world since 2000, will know that the whole of my beer experience in that time has been colored by, sits against the backdrop of, and forms the awkward juxtaposition to, my English beer heritage and what has been happening the USA in the last few years. Everyone knows that I have been very vocal about this for a very long time, so when it came to thinking about what would be a great ‘Session’ topic, outside of session beer, it seemed like that there could be only one topic; ‘What the hell has America done to beer?‘, AKA, ‘USA versus Old World Beer Culture‘.

This probably won’t be pretty, and you’re probably not gonna like it much, but hey, what’s new?

Please remember to send me the link to your contribution to Session #79 on Sept, 6th.


  1. Nitch

    -put on her boxing gloves- This is going to be fun…

  2. looke

    Thanks for such a good topic Ding, I’m sure there will be a few arguments over this one. I’m far too cowardly to say anything outrageous as you’ll see.

    I’m not about on Friday so I have posted mine already. It’s scheduled to go live at 09:00 (BST): http://likelymoose.co.uk/the-session-79.

    Thanks again.



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