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Feb 18, 2012

I haven’t traded any beer for a very, very long time (maybe more than 2 years), but thought it time to get back to it (a little!). This is mainly motivated by some spring cleaning of the cellar, but I might be up for other requests for things I can get but are not currently in the cellar – let me know.

Here’s a couple of lists, ‘For Trade’ at the top, followed by some ‘Interested In’ underneath. As things become unavailable I’ll cross them off the list.

For Trade:

Adding to For Trade list 2/18/2012:

  • Brooklyn Monster Ale ’04-’09 inclusive
  • Sierra Nevada Bigfoot ’06-’11 inclusive
  • Sierra Nevada Celebration ’05 and ’07-’09 inclusive
  • Brooklyn BCS  Winter ’05-’06 – Winter ’08-’09 inclusive and Winter ’10-’11
  • Terrapin Midnight Project Depth Charge
  • The Bruery 4 Calling Birds
  • Stone, Russian Imperial Stout 2008 Vintage (These are the 12 oz bottles that were originally for overseas markets (Japan I think) but some made it to the domestic market)
  • Bells, Batch 9000
  • Anchor Our Special Ale (Christmas Ale) ’05 and ’07-’11 inclusive
  • Sweetwater Festive Ale 2010 (22 oz)
  • Sweetwater Festive Ale (12 oz) ’04-’11 inclusive
  • Sweetwater Happy Ending (12 oz), ’07-’10 inclusive and ’12. (I *think* in Jan of ’11 ONLY 22 oz bottles were released – not sure though)

Interested In:

Added to Interested In list 2/18/2012:

Conversations about almost anything (so please do not hesitate), but in general I’m trying to swap multiple bottles for smaller numbers of more expensive ones. Some of particular interest would be;

  • (2004 or earlier) Fullers Vintage Ale (preferably boxed)
  • (2006 or earlier) Gouden Carolus (Blauw) Cuvee Van De Keizer/Grand Cru of the Emperor
  • Out of state (non-GA) Saisons, Belgian Pales & Darks plus other Belgian stuff, including InBev products not in USA
  • Will consider ANYTHING English not in USA, but freshness is crucial on most of those
  • FRESH Cotleigh (not sure if this is still being imported – doubtful
  • Firestone Walker, 15

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  1. Dan

    Interested in the Brooklyn Monster Ales. Want anything from MA? Mystic Saison / Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Aged Saison might be of interest to you.


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