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England 2011 – The photo dump, part 1

Nov 8, 2011

Just got back from my first trip home to England in four years, and as you can imagine I found it to be a trip of much gravity (despite the relatively low gravity!). I’ll be blogging about the trip as a whole sometime soon, but for now I wanted to dump a few photos from the visit to give you a flavor of what was going on over the nine days of sheer heaven. More to come, much more.


  1. Brian

    Nice pictures!

    I found a couple of the Spitfire tulip pints in Tennessee. I need to find the beer to try in them now.

    • Ding

      I don’t think you’ll find Spitfire in TN – unfortunately!

  2. Raj Gondhalekar

    The locals are looking might pasty.

  3. Raj Gondhalekar

    I meant mighty pasty.

  4. Jaxbeerlover aka Azorie

    NIce, quick trip then, 9 days, wow! Takes me 2 days to get used to the time change. I love those brew signs at the pubs, wish we had those here. I guess it would look bad at a bar with 50 taps or more??

  5. Jaxbeerlover aka Azorie

    BTW, them BA folks keep asking for by name and some even say you been spotted in alias form once or twice…… also buy a camera that focuses under movement those iPhone pics suck.


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