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American beers for the English?

Oct 18, 2011

OK, which six, American beers to take back home to show (not necessarily ‘showCASE’) what American brewing is all about in 2011? They need to be either on hand, in the cellar or at the store here in GA.

I’ve already agreed to to take a DFH 120 min, and I think an Arrogant Bastard is a likely candidate too. Even though I disliked the beer, I also think Stone 15th might be another beer that shows what American brewing is all about, too. After that where do we go? I probably need a hoppy American IPA/DIPA, plus something local (the latest Sweetwater Dank Tank might be interesting but would essentially duplicate the Stone 15th). I’m not really interested in any European styles (since what’s the point in taking coals to Newcastle). I’m thinking about an American Barleywine and perhaps a Pumpkin (virtually unheard of in the UK) and/or some American funk.

The Sweetwater Dank Tank would cover the ‘Black IPA’ that I hate so much but says so much about the USA, and it would cover ‘something local’ for me. I like the idea of the name, can, artwork (and the beer!) associated with 21st Amendment’s Brew Free or Die, but feel it might be better to take a DIPA rather than a straight up IPA, so how about the following?

DFH 120 min
Stone Arrogant Bastard
Sweetwater Dank Tank Ghoulash
Southern Tier Pumking
Something Jolly Pumpkin
Avery Maharaja

The interesting thing about that list is that I’ve not tried the Ghoulash yet, although it’s in my fridge right now.

What do you think? If you are in the UK, what would you like to see?


  1. Ghost Drinker

    You can probably leave out the Arrogant Bastard, we get quite a bit of that over here in the UK. All the others are A-OK though! :)

  2. Traquairlover

    I’m obviously not in the UK, but why not some imperial stout that shows an American take on the style? It wouldn’t need to be a hard to get beer, just something like Founders Breakfast Stout (if Founders is down there) or no doubt any number of other beers from area breweries nearer you.

    • Ding

      Good ideas, lots to think about.

  3. Brian

    How about a steam beer like Anchor?

  4. Matt Wickham

    Agreed with the Stone, Anchor Steam is easily available even more so. Any Russian River in Atlanta? ;-)

    • Ding

      No RR in ATL. I guess you knew that anyway!

  5. Stephen

    You might consider Terrapin Pumpkinfest. It satisfies your Local category as well as the Pumpkin category, and it’s somewhat different from most Pumpkins in that it’s a lager and an attempted marriage between Pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers. IMO, it’s also one of the better non-year-round Terrapin offerings.

  6. Jaxbeerlover aka Azorie

    Sounds like you’re getting requests from home now right?

    If so, I would bring those If you can find them.

    Now me personally, unless someone requests I bring something, I would not go to the trouble, bad enough going 1 way with a beer load, but both ways, yuck.

    TBH there is really nothing here that impresses me enough to bring to Europe just to show off…nothing, nada. I mean what is new in beer that has not already been done in Europe for years now? Can you think of anything, maybe Bourbon barrel aged whatever I guess. Seriously? You’re going to the UK to drink the good stuff, pop over to the monks and drink a few Westvleteren’s and you will forget all about this beer we have here. Just my 2 cents, but I do not think American beer is even up to par with the European stuff yet.

    • Traquairlover

      Unless I misunderstood him, I don’t think Ding cares about impressing people per se. It’s really more a matter of simply exposing them to American beers unlike what they would be used to. That helps them understand more about what American craft beer fans are talking about and also is just interesting in terms of trying something new.

      • Ding

        Yep, Traquairlover is right on the money (as usual). It’s really just a question of exposing them to some typically, non-British beers, and I certainly don’t need to like them myself! I think the ones I listed have the potential to re-arrange some taste-buds and ideas, and that might be fun for me to watch as I sip on my multiple pints of cask ale!

  7. Tieman

    I’d recommend one of the Hoppin’ Frog stouts since I know they’re local to you.

    • Ding

      Well, not ‘local’, but certainly available here in GA – a good suggestion, thanks.

  8. Raj Gondhalekar

    The beer that is quintessentially American to me is Bigfoot. You personally may not like it, but the shocking hop assault that it provides is matched by none other. If you can’t find it, then Devil Dancer, which should still be on the Green’s shelves. America is mostly about the hops, and take the hoppiest beer you can find. 120 Min IPA is not it, although it is very good for other reasons.


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