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Beer Thoughts

Aug 1, 2011

Two weeks solid vacation with some superb beer behind me, it’s time to get back to blogging.

Some of you may have gathered by now that this blog only exists as a result of me being ejected from beeradvocate.com. If you are familiar with the site, you will know that as part of each member profile page there is a ‘free-write’ section where one can add ones own ‘Beer Thoughts’.

Beer Philosophy
Deep philosophical musings, rampant inane bullshit and all points in between appeared in my profile over the years, but I thought I should resurrect the more profound (and permanent) ones here, as they help to define my ‘beer-self’. Here we go;

  • At 12 years old I was sipping cask-conditioned Bass with my Dad – the rest is history
  • American brewers – just because you CAN, doesn’t mean that you SHOULD
  • American beer geeks need a deeper understanding (and appreciation) of lower ABV, subtle beer
  • You CANNOT have a beer culture without public transport and/or walkability
  • Session beer is defined by ABV, NOTHING else, and must be 4% or under to attract the moniker

So there!


  1. Jaxbeerlover

    You are not missing nothing on BA trust its the same old stupid as shit crap day in and day-out. there is very fucking little intelligent life on that web site. I have posted a few things, hey what can I say I still attempt to help folks, but its really pointless most days.

    I was watching bill maher and he summed it rather nicely about comments in most forums, (it was really about fb, but who cares). Most comments are pointless and if folks get mad all they do next is call each other names.

    I have learned to really intelligently talk about anything, you need to be face to face with folks. Then if you really get pissed you can punch them in face. Just my 2 cents.


  2. ChadQuest

    Miss you Ding, i still mention you now and then….and those posts get deleted.

  3. Scott aka StarRaptor

    Ding, glad someone finally pointed be in this direction. I’d been wondering for months where you went. Shit you’re the reason I argue in what a session beer is and brew several year round – always under 4% abv.

    Next year my goal is to produce a cask ale on a pin.

    Cheers man, good to know where you are.


    • Ding

      Thanks Lee, the feeling of liberation since leaving BA is really strong, even though I would not have wanted it tho end the way it did, in the long run I think it has worked out for the best. I guess I had (largely) outgrown all of the nonsense. Cheers.


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