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ABV’s & session beer; sanity & insanity – Part 1

Jun 14, 2011

Following Sunday’s, Session Beer rant, I’m going to start listing ‘References to Sanity’ and ‘References to Insanity’ as I come across them on the web. Here’s the first installment, much more to come!

References to Sanity

  • Wadworth’s describe all of their beers here, and only ONE is described as a ‘session beer’ – at 3.6%
  • CAMRA’s 21st Battersea Beer Festival has some telling references to the word ‘session‘ in their flyer for the February 2011 event.
  • A CAMRA festival list from 2010 with approx. 20 references to session beer, with the word being used exclusively in the correct, 4% and under manner

References to Insanity

  • ShawneeCraft are describing ‘Session Beers’ as ‘up to 7.2% and above‘! WHA……..??? The really sad/funny/galling thing, is that their ludicrous statement of ABV is preceded by describing that they, ‘have the utmost respect…..for tradition’ in relation to session beers!

Shawneecraft Session



  1. Brianito

    I dunno Ding. Looking at the Shawnee site my mouth was watering for one of their ESB Pale Ales in a Stella-knockoff glass frosted to perfection (as pictured).

    • Ding


    • Ding

      Still lacking the gumption to identify yourself? At the same time still reading – why?

      • Steve

        I’m sure he’s still reading in the hope that he can glean something intelligent to post at other beer forums.

        His less-than-creative responses here are just a cover, watch for a new Session Beer thread somewhere down the internet soon.

  2. Traquairlover

    Yesterday, my wife who has heard me rant about session beers (or at least report on the fights about them on the internet) got excited because there was an article in the weekend WSJ about session beers. Then I looked and all of the examples were 5+% ABV. Ah well.

  3. ed

    7.2% session beer? How could you drink six pints of that?

    • Ding

      Well, of course, you DON’T! (Unless you are completely ignorant of what ‘session beer’ actually is).



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