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New York Ale Project’s take on Session Beer, featuring….

Jun 13, 2011

…yours truly.

Thought it was time to air this again in the wake of my session post of yesterday.

Session Ales – The Ultimate Battle

For the record, if standing up for tradition and fact makes me a snob, then I embrace the moniker and am proud of it! Cheers


  1. Scott

    They seem to be missing the point.There is no American definition of a session beer. In almost fifteen years of drinking “craft” beer, I might have heard the term used once or twice prior to joining Beer Advocate and seeing the term flying around the forums.

    As best I have been able to figure, the American definition of a “session” is binge-drinking, and any beer of which an individual would be willing to drink an entire six pack is a “session beer”. Useless definitions.

  2. Jaxbeerlover aka Azorie

    I can think of no better analogy, than this; you’re drunk and a cop stops you. The legal limit on a road side breath test is .08 (varies) If you blow .08 and above you go to jail.

    If you blow .079999999 etc. you do not. It’s math. I know its hard for folks most of them flunked math in school, but 0 is not -.00000000000001 IT’S ZERO. When you DEFINE something in math terms it is an absolute, please do not try to fudge it we are NOT grading on a curve here.

    UK definition of session BEER is 4.0000% ABV OR LESS, if not please stop calling it session.

    Sure it’s beer and its much to do about nothing, and I am sure I cannot tell the different from a 4.0 and 4.1 beer but that is NOT the point, OK. OK?

    Now back to RIS you are loving so much. ;.)



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