New York Ale Project’s take on Session Beer, featuring….

…yours truly.

Thought it was time to air this again in the wake of my session post of yesterday.

Session Ales – The Ultimate Battle

For the record, if standing up for tradition and fact makes me a snob, then I embrace the moniker and am proud of it! Cheers


  1. Scott

    They seem to be missing the point.There is no American definition of a session beer. In almost fifteen years of drinking “craft” beer, I might have heard the term used once or twice prior to joining Beer Advocate and seeing the term flying around the forums.

    As best I have been able to figure, the American definition of a “session” is binge-drinking, and any beer of which an individual would be willing to drink an entire six pack is a “session beer”. Useless definitions.

  2. Jaxbeerlover aka Azorie

    I can think of no better analogy, than this; you’re drunk and a cop stops you. The legal limit on a road side breath test is .08 (varies) If you blow .08 and above you go to jail.

    If you blow .079999999 etc. you do not. It’s math. I know its hard for folks most of them flunked math in school, but 0 is not -.00000000000001 IT’S ZERO. When you DEFINE something in math terms it is an absolute, please do not try to fudge it we are NOT grading on a curve here.

    UK definition of session BEER is 4.0000% ABV OR LESS, if not please stop calling it session.

    Sure it’s beer and its much to do about nothing, and I am sure I cannot tell the different from a 4.0 and 4.1 beer but that is NOT the point, OK. OK?

    Now back to RIS you are loving so much. ;.)



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