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Beer Review: Weyerbacher Brewing Co., Seventeen

Ding Points: 80.00 Pour: 80.00, Nose: 80.00, Palate: 80.00, Mouth: 80.00, Global: 80.00 Tasting Notes: 12 oz single, Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. Pretty straightforward here. Very sweet, highly spiced Saison. A few medicinal herbs, but nothing too extreme, mainly because the sweetness keeps them in check. Definitely a mild alcohol burn which could be a function of the spice, but feels like a slightly aggressive solvent EtOH character. I get alcohol soaked pears, and a pretty bright, sinus...

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Beer Review: Weyerbacher Brewing Co., Sixteen

Ding Points: 81.00 Pour: 80.00, Nose: 80.00, Palate: 80.00, Mouth: 90.00, Global: 80.00 Tasting Notes: Obviously a relatively unusual style, especially in the form of an anniversary beer, but nonetheless a welcome one. Darker than expected pour with a nice beige head. Small retention but some really nice creamy stuff is left on the surface of the beer - good, spotty, thin film sits as a temptation for what is below. Mahogany color, but on the dark end of that particular spectrum. Nose offers...

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