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Notes on beers in the style

Flanders Red

Echte Kriekenbier

Reports suggest that this beer is now re-branded as Duchesse Cherry, coincidently recent reviewed. As such, these notes are essentially on an aged version of that beer. I've learned a LOT about old/cellared beer over the years. As a result, I've become exceptionally wary of old beer, so when I saw these 750 mL Best Before 09/2019 bottles I baulked a little, even at $12.99. So, I asked if the store would discount it, and they offered a 30% reduction to get me out the door at $9.73. Basically,...


750 mL bottle, $16.99. I've passed on this several years in the past but today it seemed to speak to me a little. Bottled 07/25/13. Flemish Style Red Ale Aged in Oak. Authentic pour. Drab, brown pour and with little or no head. Some thin collar and a some exaggerated bubbles from the pour. More authenticity in the nose. Some light vinegar that is quite clean. Sufficient lingering in the mouth without being overwhelming. The tastes reflect the same, but he barrels cut in a little too much for...