Zundert 10 Trappist

10 Trappist

The context here is that this beer was consumed as part of a quadruple, Quad tasting with Westvletern 12, St. Bernardus Abt 12 and Rochefort 10, and also in the wake of a separate tasting of Zundert 8 which was rather unimpressive. Surprisingly dark pour, close to...
Silly Saison


330 mL bottle. Chestnut brown color with lovely, red highlights on the pour. Nose is malty as one might expect from a Brasserie de Silly beer, but not at all consistent with a (contemporary) beer that has “saison” on the label. Tastes are very malty as one...
Premium XB Bluebird Bitter

Premium XB
Bluebird Bitter

It’s hard to describe the literal euphoria of an Englishman who is a legacy drinker, and who hasn’t been home for too long, when a beer like this comes into view. I picked it up via a west coast bottle shop, unexpectedly, when I was buying some other...
Fantôme d’OR


lot 08 07 22 best before à consommer avant fin 2026 14° Plato. Mid-range orange pour after an encouraging pop on removing the cork. Beautiful, beautiful pitted head, Stunning retention and lace on the second and the third pour. Oh my gosh. Initial impressions are that...
Asam Bock Dunkler Doppelbock

Asam Bock
Dunkler Doppelbock

Purchased on a whim from Kahn’s in Indianapolis. Wasn’t seeking bocks or even Germans at the time, but didn’t recognize this so gave it a whirl. Standard 16.9 oz presentation. Pour is as expected. Dark chocolate body, mocha head. Pitted head, lace is...