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Notes on beers served in the format


Fantôme (The) Coffee Ruby

I’m generally not a fan of coffee based beers. I love coffee, but as usual with my beer, I have little or no need for a bunch of adjuncts or any extra, infused flavors. Having said that, I’ll never, ever pass up a chance to try a Fantôme that I’ve not had before. It’s always a thrill. Pour is a pretty, brown body beneath a solid inch of light tan brown bubbles. Better looking than I was anticipating. The nose offers a hint of the promised coffee, but the dominant element for me is a lightly...

Dogfish Head
Piercing Pils

Review based on bottle #3 and #4 of the four pack. This is a bit of conundrum for me. I'm philosophically opposed to the use of such adjuncts in addition to the words 'Czech' and 'Pilsner' on the label, since for me, their addition atomically makes this not a 'Czech Pils' at all. In short, I'd much rather that they call this a fruit beer, be honest, and leave a classic style well alone in terms of declaring what it is (or isn't). Having said all of that, pears and tea are a couple of my...