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Beer Review: Rogue, Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

Ding Points: 43.50 Pour: 40.00, Nose: 70.00, Palate: 40.00, Mouth: 50.00, Global: 30.00 Tasting Notes: I picked up this 22 oz bottle at a price of $10.99. I finally gave in and purchased it, based largely on the fact that in other places in the last couple of months, I have seen this always higher, and in one case up to $19.99 for the bottle. I assume the inflated price is simply a combination of Rogue's general overpriced beers, plus the 'allure' of the pink bottle and the name. Either way,...

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Beer Review: Rogue Ales, Good Chit Pilsner (Chatoe Rogue First Growth Series)

Ding Points: 87.00 Pour: 80.00, Nose: 80.00, Palate: 90.00, Mouth: 90.00, Global: 90.00 Tasting Notes: Another in the First Growth series. 650 mL bottle in the usual, First Growth/Chatoe Rogue presentation. $5.99, Arbor Place Beverage, Douglasville, GA, USA. Good looking pour. Slight chill haze forms that clears quickly as the beer warms. Nice looking frothy, bubbly, white head with some decent lace and retention. Forms a small white collar on the golden surface. Nose and tastes offer plenty...

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