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Beer Review: Cigar City Brewing, Cucumber Saison

Ding Points: 90.00 Pour: 90.00, Nose: 90.00, Palate: 90.00, Mouth: 90.00, Global: 90.00 Tasting Notes: High, fluffy, large bubbled and wispy white head sits above a mid-orange, slightly clouded body. Nose has a light, floral element with some icy, apple notes. Clean. Tastes are much like the nose but with the floral element jacked-up, and a slightly tart character coming through. It's very clean. Occasionally, as one takes a gulp, there is a really large cucumber presence and it's fantastic. I...

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Beer Review: The Bruery & Cigar City Brewing Co., Marrón Acidifié

Ding Points: 82.50 Pour: 70.00, Nose: 80.00, Palate: 90.00, Mouth: 80.00, Global: 80.00 Tasting Notes: 750 mL capped bottle with the usual 'The Bruery' presentation. The pour produces a fairly highly carbonated (at first) body, with a mahogany-red color. The head is scant and produces no lace. There is a nice clarity about the body, and it settles to give a diluted coca-cola color. The final pour gives a fairly significant film of sediment that floats on top of the beer - a bit sawdust like in...

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