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Wild Goose Brewery, LLC

Wild Goose India Pale Ale

Purchased as a single from (I think) Total Wine, Kennesaw, GA, USA. 12 oz bottle. Standard pale orange cloudiness with a small but dense ivory head. Some lace. Turbid body. No presence, no nose, no point really. Lifeless body and largely tasteless beer. I dunno, this seems like a token gesture for a beer that simply doesn't cut it in any way shape or form. It does not get offensive at any point, but apart from a light bitterness in the finish it sort of reminds me of a bad homebrew! It's...

Blue Ridge Subliminator Dopplebock

Very nice Doppelbock, true to the style. Typical orange red/brown pour with that orangey/yellow dense and creamy head, so typical of a good DB. Aroma is obviously very malty with some fruit presence and a little alcohol. In terms of alcohol it drinks a lot bigger than the 7.3% listed. Malt dominates the taste (of course), good alcohol too and some ripe round fruits, mainly plums. Candied sugar is there too. Mouthfeel is slightly under-par for a Doppelbock (a little thin), but that did not...