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Notes on beers brewed by

The Tap / Haverhill Brewery, Inc

Joshua Norton Imperial Stout

22 oz bomber from the October 2009 bottling, drunk in Feb 2010. Pour gives a standard black affair with medium head, retention and a little lace. Nose and tastes are quite restrained with all of the usual roast, light bitter and mild-chocolate notes but it is ALL very restrained and tempered. This is also true of the alcohol which gives a tiny bit of heat to the finish, but to describe it any other way than subtle would be wrong. If you are looking for an aggressive, hop-forward high alcohol...

La Dame De Peronne

22 oz bottle from DrDogBeer as part of Secret Santa 2009. Thanks Tom. Pour gives a chestnut brown color with a vivid, lively look. Good clarity and some decent head, lace and retention. The beer looks inviting. This brew is all about a complicated array of malts with some hop presence in the finish. There are a lot of competing sweet malts jostling for attention, and in the end I feel it gets a bit muddled. Too complicated in the malt department. The other dominating feature is the earthy,...

Haver Ale

12oz single as part of a recent trade - sorry I forget who. Nice looking pour with a slightly cloudy appearance, a nice head and a little lace. Nice example of the stlye that strays over into Belgian Pale territory. Some yeasty notes as well as tastes that have some spice like a tripel. Only thing missing is the alcohol which is pretty much non-existant in this beer. Finish is dry. Finish is also a little watery. Decent for the style, but fairly pedestrian.