Samuel Smith’s Winter Welcome Ale

2022-2023 (pictured) 11/26/2022

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II commemorative edition.

So, so flavorful as always, but it f it’s possible this seems so much richer and fuller than years gone by. Delicious biscuit flavors as usual, the kiss of hops and a clarity and mouthfeel to die for. Simplicity itself, one of my favorite, British bottled beers of all time.

2007-2008 Vintage (Additional notes 02/08)

Thanks to Penney for this gift. 500 mL bottle. Biscuit malts still there behind the great copper colored pour. Very tasty. Aroma is VERY delicious. Sweet and actually slightly alcoholic – nice AND surprising!

2006-2007 Vintage

Same, clear glass, 500 mL bottle. Just as magnificent as ever with the great copper colored pour and the lingering biscuit sweet malts. this years offering has little bit more of a bitter bite I think.

A re-visit thanks to SilentSabre, this time a 2005-2006 vintage. The smaller 355 mL bottle as part of the 4 pack. The light, warm buttery biscuit malts are even bigger than I ever remember and the sweetness and the smoothess are even bigger and better than before. Delicious.

Original notes 02/24/04: 2003-2004 Vintage

Nice example of a typical English bitter product. Sam Smith’s is one of my least favorite English brewers but they have produced a really nice beer in the Winter Welcome Ale. This beer has a certain cleanliness and clarity about it. A beautiful amber pour with a really refreshing taste dominated by a hoppy start, fading to a more mild malty overtone, going back to a bitter finish. I thought this was quite complex in taste and enjoyed the different experiences I got as I got down through the bottle.

Nice lingering head with lacing too.

The English bitter flavor was complimented in an unusual way by the lightness of his beer. Normally I prefer the heavier, darker bitters and the Belgians, but this proved to be refreshing and light without losing the taste and becoming watery. Well done.


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ABV: 6.00 %
Appearance: 4
Taste: 4.5
Mouthfeel: 4
Smell: 4.5
Overall: 4.5
Total: 4.43
Series Name:
Year: Various


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