Édition 2005

Cellared Review 09/09

Well, 4+ years on this beer, time to crack one open.

Firstly the pop on opening gave an indication of things to come. It was small, and although not completely dead it was disappointingly slight. I was anticipating some drop in carbonation, but this was disappointing.

The pour gave the Dubbel-like appearance that I was expecting but again it lacked life.

LOTS of sherry, oxidized notes which is fine by me for two reasons; firstly I was expecting it, and secondly I like this trait in a cellared beer. As

I drank it the beer came a little more into its aged, oxidized self; extra plum, raisin and fig notes but all accompanied by the musty nature of an older beer and the lack of pop that the carbonation WOULD have provided.

All in all pretty UNsurprising but satisfying. The beer had lost the obvious things, gained the obvious things and considering that the beer was NOT my favorite Unibroue to start with I don’t feel too let down.

Original review 10/05

Dark, dark brown which, in less than perfect light, almost looks black. Nice head from the initial pour that was really highly carbonated. This settles down to give a nice thin, creamy spotty film, but not a great deal of lacing.

Fruity alcohol with an edge makes up the largely ester-based nose.

Farily thin in the mouth (I was expecting much more depth), and there is some harsh acidity and carbonation. Alcohol bites at the end, but smooths out in the aftertaste with some seriously alcoholic based fruits (perhaps plum?).

It’s a little harsh, by that I mean it lacks smoothness and roundness. A bit edgey for my liking, but still a good quality beer.

This was slightly disappointing which I think says a lot about Unibroue in general. When drinking one of the special editions you are looking for a really stunning brew – instead we get a good brew! That’s the standard that this brewery has set and that’s a good thing.

Definitely worth checking out, but not the best from this generally excellent brewer.


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ABV: 10.0 %
Appearance: 4
Taste: 4
Mouthfeel: 3.5
Smell: 4
Overall: 4
Total: 3.95
Series Name:


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