Logsdon Two Rivers Violette

Logsdon Two Rivers

Much the same as its sister beer, Two Rivers Noir in many respects. After cracking the cap there is an intriguing foam that protrudes out of the top of the bottle, as if it is fermenting – it is bottle-conditioned. Poured head is that of a soda. Fizzy but...
Tsjeeses Reserva (Porto Barrel Aged)

Tsjeeses Reserva
(Porto Barrel Aged)

I don’t understand this beer. Vintage 2020, bottled on 15/11/22 and good for 5 years out. Now branded as Blond Winter Ale matured on Port barrels. Not a great head – to be expected at 10% – but also a weird colored pour that is reddish brown, not...
Duchesse Petite


11.2 oz can, from Belgian Style Ales here in the US. Pour is as expected with the Coke like head that is gone in seconds. Zero retention, zero lace. As expected. Great garnet red color as the light hits it. Nose is indistinguishable from its bigger sister. Light, but...
La Moneuse Triple X 30 Ans

La Moneuse
Triple X 30 Ans

750 mL corked and caged from Etre Gourmet. Red cap on the cage has dot-matrixed “U2 02:22 TRIPLE X”. Presumably brewed for the 30th anniversary which seems to have been in 2019, so this is a four to five year old beer. Pop on opening is impressive, good...
St. Feuillien NINE

St. Feuillien

11.2 oz bottle, 8/10/21. Bigger brother of Five. I suppose we can argue at what point something described as a Belgian Strong Blonde becomes a Belgian Strong Pale, or if it does at all, or if it matters at all, but at the end of the day it all boils down to much the...