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Scotch Silly(Pinot Noir Barrel ’19)

Scotch Silly
(Pinot Noir Barrel ’19)

It's impossible not to make a comparison between this beer and the 2018 Chardonnay version of this beer, especially when the other one was consumed and reviewed just a few days ago. The same base beer, and also in wine-barrels, I'd expect similar...

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Scotch Silly(Chardonnay Barrel ’18)

Scotch Silly
(Chardonnay Barrel ’18)

Corked and caged. Moderate pop on opening. Pour has the requisite chestnut brown and is pretty. Head is moderate, not especially well retained, doesn't give much lace, but at least gives a nice film on the surface of the beer. At 10.0 % and at this...

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Canned version, sold with the stein (pictured) in a gift pack in 2022. $10.99 for the combo. Right now I am somewhat unconvinced that this is a different beer to this one, but the ABVs are different (this at 4.8%, the Original at 5.1%) and they...

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ZundertTrappist 8

Trappist 8

For something that is categorized as a BDSA, this beer is a very strange color. There is a light brown, chestnut appearance, not a typical, blackish, darker body. It looks like a, "slightly-better-than-usual" Dubbel. Head is initially good, but...

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OktoberfaceAmerican-Style Märzen

American-Style Märzen

Purchased on a whim. 4 pack, Belmont Beverage, Decatur, IN. $10.99 for the 16 oz servings. To be fair, I was ready to hate this before I had tried it. In the end, I was not horrified! I do hate the term, "American-Style Märzen Lager", and a few...

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All prerequisites fulfilled in the style, so perfect in that regard. Light, butterscotch, orangey gold colored body with a big pillow-like head. Looks resplendent in the Tücher half-liter glass. Nose offers everything that you'd want and expect....

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