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Shegöat Weizenbock Ale

Weizenbock Ale

Dark chestnut pour. A few red highlights, but overall the beer is darker than most I’ve had in the style. Modest head, small ring of foam and no lace. Rich, light alcohol nose, very malty. Reflected in the initial tastes as one might expect. Plenty...

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Gnoel de Abbey Holiday Brown Ale

Gnoel de Abbey
Holiday Brown Ale

Dark brown pour. Decent thin film, some lace. Nice and malty with a real good dose of spice. The spice is difficult to decipher specifically, but it’s reminiscent of some mace and some cinnamon. With the spice comes some good sweetness, but there’s...

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Great Lakes  Lemon Hefeweizen

Great Lakes
Lemon Hefeweizen

12oz can. Well I wasn't expecting much, and expectations were mostly met. Decent looking pour with a high, white head. The head is one of those very wispy ones that is relatively soon gone, but does leave some decent, sticky lace even if it is...

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Extra Stormbreaker


Nice color, I can do without the haze. Head is good and high, decent retention and some nice sticky lace. Nose is aromatic, and quite citrusy that might well be a function of the Sterling hops. The beer is really quite flavorful, with a few...

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Cuvée Prestige Tripel De Garre Barrel Aged

Cuvée Prestige Tripel De
Garre Barrel Aged

Lot: n°1 - 2022. Dot-matrixed on top of cage 24/11/24 GBO, 24KU13:36 I got really lucky in acquiring this beer, so rather than dwelling upon that too much I'm determined to enjoy it and savor it. One thing that a lifetime of buying, sampling,...

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Westmalle Trappist Extra

Westmalle Trappist

Into the Westmalle chalice she goes, bottled April 7th 2022, Best Before 2 years from that date. Had this beer several times since May of 2021 when I used it to christen the re-launch of this blog. Honey colored, clouded pour with a great head out...

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