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Fantôme Extra Cherry

Extra Cherry

Part of the "Extra Sour Collection". Lot 2 N 21, best bef end 2025. Capped and corked in the usual Fantôme fashion. You never know what you will get with Fantôme except the fact that you always know that you never know what to expect! Great looking...

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12 oz can which has a defect of some sort on the tab, since all six of these "splashed/mini-exploded" quite badly when opened. No problem passed on to the contents, but something isn't right about the hardware here. The label says the following;...

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28th Anniversary


An anniversary beer, from an old school player from back in the day, allegedly in a style that I gravitate toward? Those things trump my aversity toward cans so I'm in - for a single at least. Doesn't get off to a great start. For me, the color is...

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Coucou Puissant


Bottled 20SEP22, Best Before 20SEP24. "Dry-hopped quad"? For all intents and purposes this is a sweet, hoppy Tripel/BDSA, or at least something that resembles that particular description. Good looking, fluffy white head with a lightly hazed golden...

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Chocolate Rain


2021 Vintage: 20.2% ABV. Pale gold waxed and capped. I have to be honest, I did not check the ABV before cracking this beer, and had I been paying attention I probably would not have opened it under the circumstances that I did. (I had assumed it...

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Fantôme Mayors Unusual’s Meeow!

Fantôme Mayors
Unusual’s Meeow!

My second bottle of this. Great, lightly hazed, marmalade orange pour with a resplendent, ice-cream like head. Nose has some simple floral elements but not flowery per se. Not as bitter as i remember the first bottle being. There is a spicy finish...

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