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Oktoberfest Lager


Tavour has many faults - many, but it does have a few redeeming features. One of those redeeming qualities is access to a handful of breweries that I know from 20+ years ago, and Kuhnhenn is one such brewer. Couple that with a style that I...

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Samuel Adams Flannel Fest

Samuel Adams
Flannel Fest

A recent addition to the fall 12 pack. Always happy to see a new, Sam Adams beer in a traditional style. If there are beers that they do well, it's usually something like this. Besides, these days I'm just happy to find almost any traditional...

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Chouffe Soleil


A beer that I've never seen in the US before last week. $11.99 for the 4 pack of usual Chouffe, 330 mL bottles. Pour is a pale gold. Head is wispy and airy, and leaves some great lace. Retention better than average. More than anything else on the...

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Kloster Andechs Festbier

Kloster Andechs

I'm not at all sure that this beer has been in the US before 2023. This is backed up by the fact that it was only added to the beeradvocate database in August of this year. L1433. If it has been here prior, then the distribution must have been very...

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Spencer Trappist Ale

Trappist Ale

With the demise of the brewery, probably my last bottle of this. 11.2oz, 7/22/23 which is likely a BB date, so a little past its best. I think that I've always wished that this was a Belgian Strong Pale Ale rather than a simpler version, and not...

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Parabola 2022


I'm a long time over FWs blends, and barrel program, there's just too much sameness about a plethora of beers, and they generally aren't things that I care for a great deal anyway. That combo means that I'm not much interested or intrigued (with a...

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