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Bière Darbyste


This is an extremely soft and gentle beer no matter how one slices it. The mouthfeel is incredibly soft, with lightest of touches on the carbonation, and it has a pillow-like mouthfeel. Quite astonishing A hazy orange body with a bit of a...

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11.2oz bottle, BBD: 23MAR28. Not sure if that makes this a 2023 vintage or not ... more research required. Lovely, lightly hazed orange color with a great head that is beautifully formed and retained. Nice lace. Nose offers some significant, yeasty...

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Cantillon Classic Gueuze

Classic Gueuze

Another beer that it's hard to believe that there aren't any formal notes for on the site prior to now. A 'classic' that I've drunk umpteen times before. 375mL corked & caged. 2023 Vintage, bottled June 2023, basically it's a year old....

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Einbecker Brauherren Pils

Brauherren Pils

Huge, quite annoying if I am honest, extremely wispy head that oddly fades to almost nothing quite quickly. The color of this beer is quite fascinating, very, very pale with a bit of light, lime green hue. A very strong but clean nose. Some white...

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Nice head forms on top of the appropriately amber body. Retention is not great, nor is the lace but certainly within acceptable parameters. Nose offers the requisite, light bready notes. A simple malty beer that has characteristics of an English...

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Grand Réserve 17 (2016)

Grand Réserve 17

Picked up on the recent mercy mission to Pine Knob Wine Shoppe In Clarkston, MI, to release old beer into the wild. A no-brainer at $14.99, with a BB date of 08-12-21. This is one of three or four bottles from the $200+ worth of old beer that I...

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