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Beer Review: Brasserie Fantôme, Fantôme Saison

Oct 19, 2012

Ding Points: 95.00

Pour: 90.00, Nose: 90.00, Palate: 100.00, Mouth: 100.00, Global: 90.00

Tasting Notes:

Extremely surprised to see this back on the shelf at Green’s in early August of 2012 – extremely. Distribution to GA seemed to have stopped for quite a while, amidst rumors of Dany Prignons’s demise. $12.99 for the 750 mL corked and capped bottle. The usual Fantôme cork is extracted.

Batches of this beer are basically impossible to date, and there can be such variation that oftentimes comparisons are extremely difficult to make sense of. I suppose this is a relatively recent batch unless Adam found a few cases under a pile of boxes at Green’s.

Fantome Saison

Fantôme Saison

Anyway, the first chance to use my Fantôme glass – there’s a story there, too.

Sweeter than batches I have tasted in the past and MUCH more fruity. Less funky and dry too. The fruit is not estery, rather it is much more white wine like, grape elements are strong, and the beer is extremely vinous. I like this much more than all of the bottle I have tried before.

As the bottle is consumed there IS more dry character and funk, but it remains very restrained compared to all the other versions of this beer I have drunk in the past. A lovely, light kiss of tartness in the back end makes this beer uber-drinkable. The fruit is so strong, that it reminds me a LOT of Fou Foune – it looks like it too. I would NEVER have said that about any of the earlier batches of the is beer I have drunk. The last formal notes I can find on this go back to 2006, but memory also tell s me this is a lot different to earlier bottles. Lovely, lovely light carbonation that titillates the moth and tongue. Lively, and constantly provokes you into thought. Very light, SUPREMELY drinkable and a sheer delight.

Fantôme Saison

Fantôme Saison

Really, really, really fruity and tasty, and far removed from my past experiences (did I say that already?)! As it warms the funk on the nose increase a bit, but it never gets large.

Original Notes (08/02/06):

Capped and corked 750 mL bottle. Poured into the over-sized wine glass. Hazed and clouded orange body with a delicious looking head. The head is dense and deep with wonderful retention and lacing.

The usual funk and rustic manure type smells and apples in the initial up front tastes. Lots of dry, pineapple in the nose and the taste, in fact all around a little drier than I expected.

Drinkability is high, and before I know it the 750 mL has gone. Tasty, refreshing and creamy.

Other: Saison/Farmhouse Ale.

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  1. dany PRIGNON

    hi Guys, no panic !! i don’t have ideas to stop now ! :-) even if “Rumoricious people” are speaking many too much ! .. cheers, :-) :-)


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