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Beer Review: Cigar City Brewing, Cucumber Saison

Aug 29, 2012

Ding Points: 90.00

Pour: 90.00, Nose: 90.00, Palate: 90.00, Mouth: 90.00, Global: 90.00

Tasting Notes:

High, fluffy, large bubbled and wispy white head sits above a mid-orange, slightly clouded body.

CCB, Cucumber Saison

CCB, Cucumber Saison

Nose has a light, floral element with some icy, apple notes. Clean.

Tastes are much like the nose but with the floral element jacked-up, and a slightly tart character coming through. It’s very clean. Occasionally, as one takes a gulp, there is a really large cucumber presence and it’s fantastic.

Side Label, Cucumber Saison

Side Label, Cucumber Saison

I really like this. The slight acidity on top on the clean edges works fantastically well, and rather than an apple element rendering itself in fruit character, the cucumber gives a very floral character to the beer. It feels quite organic in nature, and reminds me (in some ways) of a Dupont Foret. As it warms, there are more and more light tart notes, and the ‘green’, chlorophyll starts to come through more and more too. Light acidity, and some edgy apple-like fruit. For me the floral notes remain the strongest part of the beer. Sorachi Ace is largely missing for me, and I am glad. It’s not a hop that I get on with very well.

CCB, Cucumber Saison

CCB, Cucumber Saison

To be honest there really isn’t a huge amount of yeasty, peppery Saison character here, but that doesn’t really detract from the tastiness of the beer.

The beer has a slightly high carbonation, but the overall feel is still smooth and drinkable. (Relatively) easy going alcohol – thank God – adds to the ease of consumption, and the beer makes for a relaxed experience. It’s a subtle beer, and in itself that’s very unusual from an American brewer.

I thought I would like this and I was not disappointed. One of my favorite Cigar City beers by quite some distance.

Other: 5.0% ABV, Saison.


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