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Beer Review: Minhas Craft Brewery, Boatswain American IPA

May 26, 2012

Ding Points: 48.50

Pour: 60.00, Nose: 50.00, Palate: 40.00, Mouth: 60.00, Global: 50.00

Tasting Notes:

22 oz bottle, another Trader Joe’s, el cheapo offering. I’ve had mixed success with these beers, so there’s always a bit of a lottery involved but this is a Minhas beer, so the omens are not exactly good!

Copper pour with a small head. There is a fairly small amount of lace, and the head breaks up over the top of the body. Looks OK.

Minhas, Boatswain American IPA

Minhas, Boatswain American IPA

Nose is of some musty hops against a fairly solid malt backdrop.

Tastes start with some of the metallic bitterness that one would hope for, but this quickly turns quite an abrupt corner. We get a general staleness first, followed by a strange plastic element and finishing with some tobacco bitterness. There’s a dull grapefruit element to it, and a malty finish. There’s also quite a large dose of solvent alcohol splashing around in the background. Lingering bitter, dry aftertaste.

In the end I suppose you get what you pay for. This IS a beer that fits the American IPA style for me, but unfortunately it is also a beer which fits the budget beer category that it is, as well. It’s not absolutely terrible, but it’s not very good either. It grows on me a bit, but not much. If you don’t try you’ll never know, but there’s really no need to buy and drink this with so many better options out there.

Other: 6.7% ABV, $2.29 from Trader Joe’s.


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