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Beer Review: Samuel Adams, Alpine Spring

Apr 29, 2012

Ding Points: 63.00

Pour: 80.00, Nose: 60.00, Palate: 60.00, Mouth: 60.00, Global: 60.00

Tasting Notes:

Hazed, lemon, orange and golden pour with some nice white head and decent lace. Unfiltered look is attractive, and offers some nice, light yellow colors (the photograph suggest more orange elements than are obvious to the naked eye).

Nose does not offer much other than very light citrus. Some bready notes which surprised me.

Samuel Adams, Alpine Spring

Samuel Adams, Alpine Spring

I was expecting the citrus notes to offer a stronger presence in the taste, but they never really do. Not a beer with a great deal of strong character here. The remaining taste aspects are a combination of light references to lemon, floral hops and a few hints of honey. It’s a bit of a mixed up combination for me, and the beer gets a little muddled. I would prefer one element coming through with a strong presence – either the lemon citrus, OR the floral elements, OR the sweeter honey. As it stands, the beer seems unnecessarily complicated, and the sum of its parts is less than a beer that could have showcased one of element rather than combining all of them.

The beer seems to lack definition and is not very clean for the style (or for a lager) – for me there is a sharpness missing.

Not a beer I would visit again, and frankly not a beer that manages to showcase any particular aspect very well. Disappointed to be honest.

Other: Unfiltered, Noble Tetnang hops, two row pale and honey malts. 5.5% ABV. Keller Bier / Zwickel Bier.


  1. nothierthanthou

    Too bad. Sam Adams makes a lot of good beers, but some just fall short.

    • Ding

      Well, it’s just my opinion, I bet many will enjoy it.


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