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Beer Review: Port Brewing, Older Viscosity

Oct 25, 2011

Ding Points: 87.50

Pour: 80.00, Nose: 90.00, Palate: 90.00, Mouth: 80.00, Global: 90.00

Tasting Notes:

12.7 fl oz corked and caged bottle. Vintage 2011, dot-matrixed on the neck.

Even though this beer is in no way supposed to be highly carbonated, the lack of pop on a corked & caged Port/Lost Abbey beer always has me slightly concerned. The pour removes most of the concern as the beer perks up to give a decent, thin head. It’s not much, but then again it really shouldn’t (and doesn’t need to) be.

Really very little to report in terms of color. It’s largely black and there’s almost no lace. Hardly a shocker. It just doesn’t feel quite as viscous as it looks, but it’s still solid.

Port Brewing Co., Older Viscosity

Port Brewing Co., Older Viscosity

Obviously with a beer of this nature you are looking for a really large liquor note, and this delivers. It also comes through beautifully in the taste, BUT both a really sweet and round and do NOT harshly. The liquor elements here are sherry rather than harshly bourbon and I am generally (and genuinely) surprised by the subtlety that comes through here.

Very smooth and quite delicious, this is less abrasive than I thought it might be, and frankly I like it a LOT better than I thought I might. The aftertaste and finish is very smooth. Tasty.

I’m definitely reminded more of an old ale, or at least a beer with a lot of sweeter, English characteristics.

Many bright spots here, and in ways I was not necessarily anticipating. Lots of sweetness without grating character. A nice job.

Other: 12.0% ABV.


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