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Beer Review: Fort Collins Brewery, Hellesbock

Oct 1, 2011

Ding Points: 78.50

Pour: 80.00, Nose: 70.00, Palate: 80.00, Mouth: 80.00, Global: 80.00

Tasting Notes:

22 oz beer purchased from Arbor Place Beverage in Douglasville, GA, USA for $5.99 where I know for an absolute fact, that this beer has been on the shelf for over a year. This is definitely the 2010 release, although no markings on the label or bottle will tell you that. Decided to go ahead and purchase it anyway, in the full knowledge that this was not a fresh sample.

Dark gold pour with a nice head that doesn’t quite show the bright clarity that it may have when young. A little lace, some low, but still decent carbonation.

Fort Collins, Hellesbock

Fort Collins, Hellesbock

Weird, chocolate aroma comes from the beer. A musty hop note that manifests itself as cocoa. Odd for a beer of this style.

Has plenty of Helles elements with a clean malty, alcoholic base that rounds out with a lot off sweetness and some grainy notes. Mid to thick mouthfeel with a slightly viscous element that comes with such a beer. Good moreish quality and a light burn in the chest on the way down. The malts seem very well developed with time, almost making them caramel like with some toffee overtones. My suspicion is that this beer was cleaner (and probably drier) in taste when it was younger. It’s likely that the viscous presence was always there since this is a feature of the style (generally), but there is a rounder, fuller feel to the body than one expect when compared to a fresher, brighter example. Nice warming alcohol comes through and the finish, whilst not exactly crisp, does finish with a flourish.

Old? sure. Still drinkable? Most definitely. I’d like to try it fresh just for the sake of comparison, but I’m not all that sure that I would like it any more than this sample.

Other: 7.6% ABV


  1. Brian

    I enjoy your reviews and also the photos. What camera do you use to take them? Seems like maybe I recall you mentioning it was an iPhone?

    • Ding

      Yep, just an iphone.


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