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The ‘Grand Pooh-Bah’ is dead! Long live the ‘Ding’!

Jul 1, 2011

I wanted to draw a line under my beeradvocate.com experience once and for all, but couldn’t realistically do that to my own satisfaction until I had collected all of the reviews that I had contributed to the site over the years. As best I can tell, at the time of my ban, I had approx. 2600+ beer reviews in the BA database, plus 305 place reviews. That added up to Beer Karma Points totaling 8117.08 and with them,  ‘Grand Pooh-Bah‘ status on the site – not a small contribution over nearly 7.5 years – to say nothing of the 10,000+ posts that I also contributed over that time.

I got REALLY lucky. A few weeks before my ban, I used BA levifunk’s Beer Manager software that allowed me to download every single one of my beer reviews. PHEW! I had asked Todd on numerous occasions if he would allow me to do that, or if he could provide the means to do so for all BAs via the site, and despite him even promising on the forums on one occasion that such a feature was going to become available, he never came through. That’s (potentially) a really big problem for current BAs, and I would encourage you to be VERY careful with your data.

Anyway, with all of my beer reviews safe, that left my 305 place reviews. Well, over the course of the last month or so I have been interrogating Google’s cache with every searching trick that I know, and as of today I have downloaded and saved 281 of the 305, over 92% of them. That leaves 24 out there as potentially ‘lost’ forever, but that’s a number I can live with. Below is a summary of what I *think* is missing, but this is from memory (and one or two other sources) so it’s a rough list. If anyone out there is a Google Cache genius, I would love to hear from you!

BA Place Reviews: saved 281 290 out of 305 (24 15 missing)

Definitely visited & definitely reviewed – definitely missing

1. Monk’s Cafe, Philadelphia, PA Found!

2. Dukes Package, Marietta, GA (CLOSED)

3. Varner’s Restaurant & Tavern, Smyrna, GA

4. The Greenville Beer Exchange, Greenville, SC Found!

5. Wine Times 4, Hilton Head Island, SC (CLOSED) Found!

6. Taco Mac, Newnan, GA

7. Apex Beverage Co., Apex, NC

8. Bobbique, Patchogue, NY

9. Three Dollar Cafe, Douglasville, GA Found!

10. Trader Joe’s, Marietta, GA (4250 Roswell Rd. location).

11. Trader Joe’s, Sandy Springs (6277 Roswell Rd. location).

12. The Brewhouse Cafe, Atlanta, GA

13. Taco Mac, Holcomb Bridge, Alpharetta, GA

Definitely visited & maybe reviewed – maybe missing

1. Gordon Biersch, Columbus, OH

2. Broudy’s Liquors, Jacksonville Beach, FL

3. Shoreline Beverage, Long Island, NY

4. Jefferson St. Brewing Co., Lynchburg, VA

5. BXL (East) NYC, NY

6. House of Brews (West 51st), NYC, NY

7. Brick House Brewing, Patchogue, NY

8. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Columbia, SC

9. Liberty Tap Room and Grill, Columbia, SC

10. Boylan Bridge Brew Pub, Raleigh, NC

11. Seven Bridges, Jacksonville, FL

12. Total Wine, Jacksonville, FL

13. The Grove, Decatur, GA

14. European Street Cafe, Jacksonville Beach, FL (Location #1)

15. European Street Cafe, Jacksonville Beach, FL (Location #2)

16. Total Wine & More, Raleigh, NC

17. Trouts Beverages, Jasper, GA

18. Elevator Brewing, Columbus, OH

19. Columbus Brewing Co., Columbus, OH

20. Engine 15, Jacksonville, FL

21. Haynes Bridge Wine & Spirits, Alpharetta, GA

Definitely visited but probably NOT reviewed – probably not missing

1. Ithaca Ale House, Ithaca, NY

2. Finger Lakes Beverage, Ithaca, NY

3. Heartland Brewery, South St. Seaport, NYC, NY

4. Black Forest Brew House, Farmingdale, NY

5. Canterbury Ales, Huntington, NY

6. Rendezvous, St. Augustine, FL

Extra finds since original post:

1. Javamonkey, Decatur, GA

2. Taco Mac (Prado), Sandy Springs, GA

3. Taco Mac, Lawrenceville, GA

4. Beer and Wine Craft of Atlanta, Sandy Springs, GA

5. Dixie Beverage Outlet, Woodstock, GA

6. Roswell Beverage, Roswell, GA

Ultimately I plan to transfer every, single one of these 3000+ reviews (both beer and place) to this blog. That’s obviously a long term project but one I intend to fulfill. I guess that the next job would be to retrieve all of the photographs that I contributed, too!

So at this stage I feel as though I can truly put my beeradvocate.com experience behind me. It’s a shame it came to this, but this Blog would never have happened without my ban, so good things have come from it.


  1. Jamie

    Godspeed. Off to drink some Clown Shoes now.

  2. Ding

    Ha! Thanks!

  3. as

    Khandayc is a disgusting, VILE creature.

    Wish you the best.

  4. Todd

    Adrian, I just found you via a thread on BA that called Todd out as a DB on beeradvocate. I always enjoyed your contributions even if I did not always agree with your opinion. I know I was directly responsible for at least 1 of your 2600+ reviews and if need any brews within my distribution area just send me an note. Cheers Mate,

  5. Rodney

    Seems more like beerasshat more than beeradvocate.



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