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Beer Review: Sweetwater Brewing Company, Waterkeeper hefeweizen ale

May 26, 2011

Ding Points = 73.50

Pour: 70, Nose: 80, Palate: 70, Feel: 70, Global: 80

Tasting Notes:

Another 22 oz, one-off (presumably) offering from the Sweetwater Brewing Co., that for my money have eclipsed Terrapin in their ability to produce a consistent, high quality special release beers.

The usual Sweetwater presentation with screen printed bottle; at least this time there isn’t a bunch of juvenile, sophomoric innuendo associated with the beer – a nice change!

Sweetwater Waterkeeper

Sweetwater Waterkeeper

Deliberately poured this one aggressively into the Tucher Weizen 0.5 L glass (as I do with most, if not all Hefeweizens) in the hope of some excellent head and lace following. Head has the requisite, ‘ice-cream blob’ in its appearance, but it is smaller than I would otherwise like it to be and it doesn’t produce much lace; only 6 or 7 out of 10, there. Honey lemon color is quite acceptable, with decent haze from the sediment on the full pour.

The nose offers plenty of those medicinal clove and conflicting, confusing ester notes and phenols, but it works nicely. I would describe the nose a strong point for this beer. The tastes DO have those classic elements too, but they seem much more reserved than the nose would otherwise suggest, and to be honest I feel a touch let down – I wanted (and from the aroma, expected) a little more. Plenty of bread based malts and a splash of lemon here and there.

Finish ends with a touch of alcohol and some decent white pepper. A vigorous ending which I like a lot. Even a slight warmth in the aftertaste.

Enjoyable, and at $3.99 for the bomber, in the context of 2011 prices pretty good value. Indeed, although not a stunning offering from Sweetwater, it IS solid, and at the price point represents very good value. Well done.

Other: $3.99 Beverage Mart in Acworth, GA. 5.70%.


  1. MarcatGSB

    Sounds like a solid American IPA. I’ll keep my eye out, thanks for the review.

    • Ding


  2. Carl

    Pretty expensive beer sounds kewl but I’ll shoot for something cheaper

  3. Steve

    Only just recently I had the chance to try a few of their regular offerings for the frist and I wasn’t overly impressed by them. Next time I’ll look for any one-off instead.

    $3.99 for a bomber is “pretty expensive”?

    • Ding

      I’m not saying that per oz, $3.99 for 22 oz is *great*, but in the grand scheme of bomber prices, I say pretty respectable.



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