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Beer Review: Mikkeller, Rauch Geek Breakfast (AKA ‘Beer Geek Bacon’)

May 3, 2011

Ding Points = 60.50

Pour: 80, Nose: 70, Palate: 50, Feel: 60, Global: 60

Tasting Notes:

Purchased at Hop City, Atlanta, GA, USA. 500 mL bottle.

Jet black pour with a really dark, coffee colored head.

Nose and tastes deliver a large amount of smoke, but the beer lacks the meaty, solid quality of many smoked beers and in that respect feels a little light. Tobacco features with some leathery components, but the beer lacks a sweet edge that really needs to accompany the smoked malts. Slightly too bitter for me and this beer frankly lacks the charm and subtlety of many other smoked beers.

I was disappointed. Not up to speed for me.

Other: 7.5% ABV, American Imperial Stout, 500 mL bottle.


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